Congressional Hearing “Advancing Environmental Justice Through Climate Action.” Thursday, July 15, 2021, The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis  

The hearing will review opportunities to advance environmental justice through climate action, including targeting infrastructure investments to environmental justice communities, understanding the impact of extreme heat on low-income workers and students, and supporting tribal investments in clean energy and climate resilience.

Derrick Hollie testimony at 30:48-36:03 minute mark

Congressional Hearing “The Clean Future Act And Environmental Justice: Protecting Frontline communities” Thursday, April 15, 2021, The Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change of the Committee on Energy and Commerce

Derrick Hollie testimony at 39:43-45:12 minute mark

Congressional Hearing “Environmental Justice For All Act” Thursday, October 1, 2020, Full Committee Hearing for The House Natural Resources Committee. To restore, reaffirm, and reconcile environmental justice and civil rights, provide for the establishment of the Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice Compliance and Enforcement, and for other purposes.“Environmental Justice for All Act”.

Derrick Hollie testimony at 20:44-26:03 minute mark

Congressional Hearing on climate change bills H.R. 5435 (Rep. Grijalva) Wednesday, February 26, 2020.  To require the Secretary of the Interior and the Chief of the United States Forest Service to meet certain targets for the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, and for other purposes. “American Public Lands and Waters Climate Solution Act of 2019H.R. 5859 (Rep. Westerman), To establish forest management, reforestation, and utilization practices which lead to the sequestration of greenhouse gases, and for other purposes. “Trillion Trees Act.”

Derrick Hollie testimony at 55:31-1:00.48 minute mark

Congressional Hearing, “The Impact Of Climate Change On American Communities” February 6, 2019, Full Committee Hearing for The House Natural Resources Committee on Climate Change.

Derrick Hollie testimony, C-Span  


America's Energy Crisis "Has Been Self-Inflicted by this Administration," Says Derrick Hollie 

Biden Destroyed U.S. Energy Independence. Now We Are Funding Russian Tyranny, Says Derrick Hollie

We have the solution to our energy crisis here at home. No need for energy poverty. #energypoverty #energyinjustice #americanenergy #energypolicy #oilandgas.


Climate change, is it really a crisis? Not everyone seems to thinks so. #energypoverty #climatechange #energyinjustice


History is repeating itself, just like in the 70's the United States failing to produce energy domestically created a crisis causing long term political and economic impact.


It's an injustice that we're paying $1.30 more for than we did last year. It's an injustice that is up 54% from what it was last year. It's an injustice that since October my gas bill has doubled

Releasing oil from our strategic reserve is Public Relations stunt and band-aid to our energy crisis. #energypoverty #energyinjustice

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