"To Keep Our Global Economic Engine Running Smoothly, We Must Continue To Explore And Identify New Sources Of Oil And Gas To Replace Older Ones In Decline."

Derrick Hollie


There are very few industries that are as critical to America’s economy than energy exploration and life as we know it, would not exist without energy. Energy exploration takes place all around the world including here at home. It is the process to discover our natural resources including oil and natural gas and having the technology to extract it for our human needs.

In 2019 the United States became energy independent for the first time by producing more energy than we consume. America also led the world in production and refinement of oil and natural gas allowing us to provide natural resources to our overseas allies and partners.

  • There is no substitute for fossil fuels and with renewables accounting for only 8% of global electricity we need safe energy exploration more than ever
  • Outdated regulations and unwarranted fear have kept roughly 94% of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf closed to energy production
  • By exploring and possibly tapping into our nation’s oil and gas deposits we can look to provide long-term reliable energy solutions and energy security for America
  • By producing more energy in America, it would reduce energy prices for everyone, boost our economy and provide jobs for communities that need it the most